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Amber – Sin City Glitz


  Watch the video below with model Amber Arbucci doing a photo shoot of Le Doux Swimwear for the Sin City Glitz Collection 2012 in Las Vegas. While watching the video, you will see classic swimwear from before which are vintage of which some pictures of models back in the day are shown. You will […]

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Bikini Week 2011


Watch the short video below this to see the Bikini Week 2011. You will see the gorgeous ladies flaunt their hot and sexy bodies on stage for the show. There are exotic theme for the bikinis they wear and there are just plain bikinis. Take a look also at some of their photo shoots for […]

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Bikini Collection on Runway


  Have you ever watched a video of girls on runway for a bikini collection? Maybe some of you have not yet experienced it and some of you actually loves watching such an event. Therefore, if you fall under the latter part, then, the video below this is for you. Watch the stunning girls in […]

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Good Treat of a Bikini Girl


Watch the video you will see below this of a hot girl wearing sexy string bikini in mint green while she is seductively dancing and making you feel hot with a good music background. See her  wiggle her sexy booty and boobies as she touches her body while caressing you by her every move. The […]

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Hot Girl in the Tub


Watch the video of this hot girl while she is inside the shower room and in the tub seducing you in every single way she does plus the music that will surely turn you on and will make you sweat and feel hot. See how she dances slowly but surely and purely seductive. While you […]

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Bikini Girls Show


Watch this video as these lovely girls wearing micro bikinis flaunt their bodies to the audience. One by one come off the dressing room and will strike a pose in front of the judges to rate how sexy they are and how oozing is their sex appeal to every person that’s in the setting. The […]

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